Clinics & Workshops

Choose a Session to Fit Your Needs:

  • Trumpet Demonstration: This workshop is geared toward students who have never been exposed to the vast world of trumpet products.  I demonstrate all the trumpets I own (which currently is nine) such as the piccolo, flugelhorn, etc.  I play excerpts on each horn to demonstrate the various qualities of sound, in addition to demonstrating a wide variety of mutes (I own over 20).  I also show students a variety of trumpet stands, mute holders, custom trumpet cases, etc.  Your students will walk away with knowledge they never knew existed about the trumpet.
  • Master Classes: This clinic focuses purely on performance and proper trumpet technique.  I individually tailor each master class based on your student’s experience level. For younger players we discuss topics such as posture, hand position and creating a good tone.  For advanced players we discuss items such as double tonguing, expanding range and building endurance.
  • Sectionals:  Sectionals are geared toward helping your players perform their ensemble music perfectly.  I work with trumpet sections in jazz bands, concert bands and orchestras.  I help students with items such as fixing rhythms, emphasizing dynamics and playing in tune.  Whatever your students need help with, I will fix it!
  • Sight-reading: I own over 200 trumpet trios and quartets.  I am able to work with your section on sight-reading tips while incorporating items such as the importance of following the lead player, blend, balance and intonation.


Rates are based on location, size of group, length of session and number of sessions.  Please contact me to work out an appropriate rate and to set up a one-time session or establish an on-going coaching schedule.

Previous Clinic Experience

Oakland East Bay Symphony Music Outreach
Laney College Summer Camp
Diablo Wind Symphony
Tri Valley Jazz Workshop
San Ramon Valley Unified Music Staff

High Schools

James Logan
College Park
De La Salle
Lick Wilmerding
Clayton Valley
San Ramon Valley
Dougherty Valley
Amador Valley
College Park
Monte Vista
John Swett
Los Lomas

Middle Schools

Harvest Park
Charlotte Wood
Stone Valley
Windemere Ranch
Walnut Creek Intermediate
Los Cerros
William Hopkins

Elementary Schools

Hidden Hills
Sobrante Park